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Free Songwriting Software, completely online!
Free Online Songwriting Software
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The ChordSounder - Hear Any Chord
The ChordSounder - Hear Any Chord
Instantly hear any of over 40,000 different chords, with 70 different kinds of chords and control over bass notes.
Gipsy Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks
Gipsy Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks
Just press the play button and jam along. 10 minutes long, also has chord chart and mp3 download file
Interactive Jazz Guitar Chords Chart
Interactive Guitar Chords Chart
Jazzy-sounding chord chart allows you to choose different groups - Major, Minor, 7th, -7, maj7, etc.
Perfect Pitch Ear Training Mp3
Interactive Guitar Scale Chart
Listen to these and try to have your subconscious absorb the pitches. The note octave and timbre changes every 30 seconds.
Relative Pitch Ear Training Mp3 Downloads
Click Track Mp3 Downloads
Listen to various intervals on the audio track and see how they work. The notes and timbre change throughout.
Interactive Guitar Scale Chart
Interactive Guitar Scale Chart
Choose a chord, scale, mode or make your own custom chart. Includes assignable root notes and grace notes.
Click Track Mp3 Downloads
Click Track Mp3 Downloads
16-bit, 48 Khz, Stereo Click Tracks, Ranging from 40 BPM to 200 BPM - 6 minutes long each, download them all as an archive.
Flamenco Guitar Lessons
Interactive Guitar Scale Chart
A page dedicated to Flamenco guitar scales, patterns and other things to work on.
Beginner Guitar Chords Chart
Basic Beginner Guitar Chords Chart
A chart of basic chords ideal for beginners featuring the most useful open and movable chords.
Ukulele Chord Chart
Ukulele Chord Chartt
A simple and easy to read chart showng the basic chords that you'd find in most songs out there. Also has PDF download.
Tampura Drone Downloads
Tampura Drone Downloads
Tampura drone pulses in stereo Mp3, 30 minutes long, 70 Mb each. Available in 4 speeds in all keys.

SongMaven News

8-30-2016 - Added Tampura Drone Downloads
Click to view the Tampura drone downloads page. 4 pulse speeds available in stereo Mp3, 30 minutes long, 70 Mb each in all keys. Good for jamming along with.

8-24-2016 - Relative Pitch Ear Training Downloadable Mp3 Tracks now available
Audio tracks showing all the intervals in their various forms on the Relative Pitch Ear Training page.

8-23-2016 - Perfect Pitch Ear Training Downloadable Mp3 Tracks now available
Try your hand at training yourself to remember musical pitches on the Perfect Pitch Ear Training page.

8-22-2016 - Gipsy Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks
Jam along to audio and charts to practice your skills on the Gipsy Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks page.

7-29-2016 - Low Drone Note mp3 and aiff downloads
Check out the Low Drone Notes, both 3 minute and 10 minute versons available to download.

7-15-2016 - Northern & Southern Indian Scale Chart PDFs
Downloadable PDFs for Northern Indian Scales ad Southern Indian Scales on the downloads page.

7-14-2016 - Interactive Southern Indian Carnatic Raga Scales Chart for Guitar
Ready to change up your sound? Check out the new Southern Indian Carnatic Raga Scales Chart for Guitar, it's got the patterns and notes of the 72 scales used in that style.

3-10-2016 - Downloadable 12/8 Beats on Cajon from 100-250 BPM, plus animated beat examples on YouTube
Download mp3 and hi-quality AIFF files of 12/8 beats on a cajon, plus a YouTube playlist of animated 12/8 beats.

8-19-2015 - Online Songwriting Tool is up
For the past three and a half years I've been working on this project and I finally got it working. It's a free account that anybody can get (you need a verified Facebook account to sign up for it), that allows you to compose/edit songs with an easy-to-use interface. Check out a demo, or read the instructions or register for a free account. There's no catch! It's totally free! With no ads!

8-18-2015 - Click Tracks are now available as a zipped archive
I finally got around to making the mp3 click tracks available as one giant download (use the 'zip' link in the middle of the page). It's 900 Megabytes, so it's not small, but there's 161 mp3s of fun-lovin' clicks ranging from 40 to 200 beats per minute. Enjoy!

8-17-2015 - Put a Ukulele Chord Chart up, complete with a matching PDF download
It's a no frills easy-to-use ukulele chord chart. There's plenty of other ones out there that are pretty good, but I like mine best.

11-17-2014 - Added a page with a chart image and PDF of Basic Guitar Chords

11-15-2014 - Updated the Flamenco Guitar Lessons page
So now there's more info and it's a little more organized. I really want to get in depth with this page, Flamenco guitar is an entire universe.

11-15-2014 - Worked all day long and updated the site navigation
Finally got it so the site nav is touch-screen friendly, looks pretty good on an iPad and even works nice on Android phones.

11-13-2014 - Put up a nice Guitar Scale Chart PDF on the downloads page
It's a real plain and simple chart of the seven natural diatonic movable patterns, and includes a diagrams of where all the note are on the guitar neck.