SongMaven Help / FAQ

Why do I have to have a verified Facebook account to get a SongMaven account?
Facebook does a pretty good job at making sure your main account is your actual name, not a band name or a nickname or made up name, etc. Since the agreements between SongMaven and it's members are based on actual copyright laws, I need to make sure that users are who they say they are, and use their real name since we are dealing with serious legal stuff.

I can't input any more words on a lyric line!
You probably have extra white spaces on the right side of the lyric field. Click the cursor at the very last letter you can see and hit your 'Delete' key (not the 'Backspace' key) several times and make some room for more letters.

You have to watch out while using the the Tab key, it can put in too many spaces and chop off whatever is outside the window.

My browser is asking me: "Are you sure you want to leave this page?".
This means you have unsaved lyric text and are either navigating to another page, setting a new chord or changing a measure's details.

Select 'Stay on this page' and click the banner on the top right with a green 'Save' button on it. This saves your current lyrics so you can go to another page.

I need more lyric lines for my third/fourth verses.
I'm working on it.

My song is longer than the 56 bars you provide.
I'm working on it.

How can I get my friend/the entire world to see my songs?
I'm working on it.

How can I save my songs to my desktop?
On your browser, select 'File' and 'Save Page as'. Results may vary between browsers.

How can I print my sheet music?
On your browser, select 'File' and 'Print' -it looks best if you use Firefox on a PC. Any other browser or device does not have decent page setup.

How can I make a PDF of my song?
You'll have to print it using Adobe PDF as the printer. Again, use Firefox on a PC for this one.

Can I set certain songs to be visible only to me?
Yes, that's the default, in the Song Details panel.

Can I display my song to anyone not registered as a user on your site?
No. Anyone who wants to view the songs you select as viewable must be a registered user.

Can I display my song to only certain users that I can choose?
No. Currently it can only be on display so all registered SongMaven users can see the songs you select as viewable.

Can I post my user login and password on the internet so my friends/the whole world can see my songs?
No. Doing so will get your account deleted.

Can I put my friend's song up? They don't know how to do chords, or don't want to deal with your site...
No. Tell them to use some other means of writing out there song. Or have them sign up as a user and you can write out the song for them using their login, which you must get permission from them to do.

Putting up a song that you are at least one of the writers for is a violation of the site's policy and can result in your account being suspended or deleted.

Can I put up my version of Yankee Doodle or some other public domain song?
Yes, as long as you input the 'Words by' and 'Music by' in the song details panel as Traditional.

Why can I have only ten songs?
Ten seems like a good number to me. It might increase in the future.

Can I have multiple accounts so I can have my whole catalog of songs?
No, that's a violation of our site's policy and all your accounts will be subject to termination.

Why is my user page a number instead of my artist name or real name?
That's just the way it is for now, it will probably change in the future.

Is there an app for this?
No. The reason I came up with this product being a webpage instead of an app is the fact that I've worked on apps before and found the experience frustrating on all fronts.

How come I can't put in music notes?
I'm working on it. This is really really complex to code into a webpage, especially when not using Adobe Flash. Stay tuned.

How come you don't have a way so I can hear my song?
This is really really really complex to code, I'm working on it. For the time being, learn guitar or piano and play it yourself.

Can I transpose my song to another key?
I'm working on it. For the time being, make a duplicate song and transpose it yourself.

How come the chords on the sheet music are images instead of just text?
The chords had to be formatted in a certain way so they would fit into their allotted spaces. For instance, putting in a C chord is no problem, but a G#Maj7(#5/#11)/C# would take up way too much room.

Can I upload an mp3 of my song?
I'm working on it. Right now, upload it somewhere else (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) and put a link to it in the Song Details.

How can I access my songs if I'm at a place that does not have an internet connection?
Get a smart phone that has mobile hotspot ability and use a laptop, iPad or Android tablet. Or you could save your songs as html files or PDFs.

What browser/device is best to use?
It's all about how the browser handles the page when it is refreshed. Firefox on either a PC or Mac is best - barely any flickering. Chrome is in second place, with a minimal amount of flickering, and Internet Explorer is dead last, I highly suggest not using it for this site!

Can I delete my account?
Yes, in your Account Settings page, but you won't ever be able to sign up again using that email account.

Can I use my artist name/nickname in the 'Words By/Music By' fields?
No. You must use your legal name in the 'Words By and 'Music By' fields. Use your pseudo name in the 'Artist' filed in the song's Details page.

I want to promote my song or have people record it and send it to me, can this site help me with that?
I'm working on it.

Can I use a bass clef instead of the G clef?
I'm working on it.

This site is free and there's no ads?
I'll keep it ad-free for as long as possible.

Why did you come up with this site?
I play guitar, and a recurring problem I noticed when playing with someone else who writes songs is how they can get the chords and lyrics to you. The ugly list of options are:

  1. Write them out, photocopy them and drive them over/have you pick them up/send it in the mail.

  2. Write them out, scan the sheet music into your computer and send a bunch of images.

  3. Try out the million+ software programs/apps out there that do music notation, and hope that there's one you like that don't mind paying for.

  4. Awkwardly write out the lyrics with the chords written out above them and email that.

This site solves a lot of problems for people who want other people to play their music. Plus, it'll always be available for viewing and editing as long as you have a computer/tablet and an internet connection.

Why are there so may chord types on the chords panel? Do people actually use them?
Yes they do, I guarantee they're used in your favorite songs, you just don't know it. I did a lot of research and found as many chord types as I could. Check out the chords that you don't recognize - there's no downside to learning something new.

What the 'Bass Notes' in the chord chooser?
Just because you lay a C chord, it doesn't mean that there has to be a C in the bass. Put a Bb, A or E in the bass. The best songwriters do this. The Beatles were great at it.

What's a coda, a Segno, and those '1, 2, 3' bars above the measures? Do people actually use them?
Yes they do. They take a bit of getting used to, but if you are going to be serious at all about writing songs, you're going to need to know what they're for and how to use them.

Who did this site?
I did. I had no outside help or any investors, so it didn't cost much to make, except for a few dollars for hosting, a few thousand dollars for the legal agreements, and, literally, hundreds of hours of trying to get it to both work and look good.

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