SongMaven is specifically designed to make composing and sharing songs as fast and as simple as possible.

Here's pretty much everything you need to know once you've signed in from the Login page:

1. Your Song List

Create Song Image

2. Song Details

Song Details Image

3. Overview of the song list functions

Song List Image

4. The Song Layout

Song Layout Image

5. Editing a measure

Starting at the bottom left, the measure's details are as follows:

Time Signature/Left Repeat

Coda / Segno

Tempo / Top Left Text

Repeat Bracket

Top Right Text

End Coda

Repeat Sign/End Bars

6. Adding/Editing Chords


7. Adding/Editing Lyrics

lyric lines image

If your song has lyrics, the layout allows for two lines of lyrics that can run throughout the entire song.

7. Account Settings

member account image

Here's where you manage your account details. Open the page by clicking the 'Setting' link on the top right when logged in.